Today's another day I'm searching for the distant blue.
Across the clear, deep water, the flow and the sound of the wave, alone.
The lost and the forgotten, that'll meet me tomorrow Chanting the same words, three times, three times.
Searching for the distant blue.
"S'alright, take it easy." She smiles, and sunshine comes again. I can't leave my home.
Some day, at the end of the light, someday I'll shake your hand and say good-bye.

Photo : Yuki Morita
Styling/Graffiti art : UNO YOSHIHIKO
Hair and Make : Asumi Washizuka
Model : THOMAS.W
Direction : PHABLIC × KAZUI
Special thanks : Arti Takumisakazaki , Dyl&Tomo ,Handsworks co,ltd _and more