[ Compass of wanderers ]

This is their story.
They leave the familiar town of their childhood today.
The compass of the wanderer turns around.
To the east, to the west, to the south and to the north.
The seasons turn, and time revolves.
Leaveing their precious, viatl possessions in the room.
Two young men leave the town tonight.

幼い頃より慣れ親しんだ街を 彼らは今日 旅立つ
東へ 西へ 南へ 北へ
巡る季節と, 巡る時間
必要なあらゆるものは 部屋に置いて
二人は今夜 街を出る

[ 2015A/W Season visual crew ]
Photographer_SHÏRAYUKÏ (Rooster)
Hair & Makeup_Hirotaka Okunuki(Juice)
Styling_Kai Takizawa(PHABLIC×KAZUI)